Re: Is there a way to get out of gmc hangs?

>Yes, yes. I knew about all this, of course. My question was how to  _avoid_
>killing gmc. The hangs I described are a bit to frequent, at least if you work
>in a networked environment, for 'kill' to be an acceptable solution. If don't
>know what I mean, try opening a FTP URL to a server outside your local

Now I can think two solutions (I am sure there will be more):
- find why gmc crashes and fix that (gmc, system, whatever).
- do not run gmc at all.

The first can be as easy (upgrading) or really hard to do (imagine that it
crashes due a wrong version lib, and not always so you can not trace the
problem). I would update all GNOME things, and even check the full system to
see if something is wrong (bad libs, wrong permissions, etc). RPM, DEB and
other package systems are really good at this.

The second one is done by entering GNOME config center and searching for the
running tasks capplet (sorry, I can not remember exact name at this moment),
then removing gmc from the list of start up ones. Of course, you can edit
.gnome/ files by hand if you want.


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