Re: recently used documents

Jacob Berkman <> writes:
> Tom Tromey <> writes:
> > Right now it seems to me that each application keeps track of its own
> > most recently used documents.  Lately I've been working on a project
> > that involves both AbiWord and Gnumeric documents.  I'd like to see a
> > global most recently used documents menu on my panel somewhere.  Then
> > I wouldn't have to go rooting around for my project all the time.
> > 
> > Right now I do this by starting (eg) Gnumeric and then selecting my
> > file from its File menu.  But this seems backward to me -- I don't
> > care about the application as much as I care about my particular
> > document.  That is, the current panel menu is application-centric,
> > whereas I want it to focus more on my documents.
> This is actually something I didn't have time to put into 1.2... It
> could make 1.4, if my august isn't busy or someone else implements it.
> It should be pretty easy.

There's also the new GConf-based recently used code in gnome-libs
HEAD, for 1.4 you'll have to use gnome-history.[hc] though.


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