Re: email and newsreaders

Desmond Rivet <> writes:

> I currently use Netscape Messanger as my news and email program. I've
> noticed that there seems to be a rather large number of these types of
> programs for the GNOME. Is there any compelling reason for me to
> switch to one of them? 

You can use the programm you like. I use xemacs with gnus as mail-,
newsreader, editor, notes, html, code ..
I didn't find any other program which have the same features as xemacs
and gnus. I tested spruce, balsa, pan and other gnome programs, but i
always returned to xemacs.

> Is it just that Netscape is not GNOME compliant, but these apps are? Or
> are they fundamenrtally better on a deeper level?

Ther are a lot of better news- and mailreader than netscape. Netscape is
a browser, not a mail- and newsreaer. ;-)
I don't want to start a quarrel with other users, using netscape or any
other gnome reader, that's my own opinion.

Bye Michael

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