Re: email and newsreaders

Desmond Rivet wrote:
> Hi all,
> I currently use Netscape Messanger as my news and email program. I've
> noticed that there seems to be a rather large number of these types of
> programs for the GNOME. Is there any compelling reason for me to
> switch to one of them?
> Is it just that Netscape is not GNOME compliant, but these apps are? Or
> are they fundamenrtally better on a deeper level?


I also use Netscape, and have tried many times to escape (don't like the
crashes), but nothing else seems to be up to scratch.  I have tried kfm
as a browser, and it's certainly more stable than netscape and has some
nice features, but needs to be regularly restarted because of a major
memory leak.  I've tried many email clients including kmail, pronto (ex
CSCmail) but keep coming back to Netscape as the others have some
irritation (mostly they don't handle MIME too well, and so far pronto
has been close but it puts out too many internal errors to make me feel
safe, and it's just made lots of duplicate mail entries).

Has anyone used Mew?  Any comment?

So far I haven't come accross an email client (never mind combined news
reader and browser) thats as effective overall as Netscape.  Sad.

Andy Lees

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