Re: gdm2 beta 2 won't log me in if I double-click on a user

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Hensley <> writes:

Dan> 1) Some of the applications started by the Init script do not get
Dan>     killed, even with KillInitClients=1.  In particular, I did
Dan>     xflame -root &, and after I log in it's still going at the
Dan>     bottom of my screen.  Maybe it's because I did -root?  I'll
Dan>     try without next to see if that does anything different.

Yeah. I probably don't nuke things running directly on the root
window. I'll look into it.

Dan> 2) I found a way for the password to appear in clear text.  Try
Dan>     this:
Dan> * Double-click on a user name
Dan> * Enter an incorrect password and hit <CR>
Dan> * Double-click on a new user name
Dan> * Notice that the login text looks funny: i.e. displays something
Dan>   like
Dan>     Login: UPassword:
Dan> * Type in the password.  It appears in clear text, not *'s.  Note
Dan>   that if you
Dan> enter the correct password it will log in as usual.

Weird. Can't reproduce this one either (I'm very good at this :)

`U' is the opcode for create-an-entry-with-echo-turned-off, so it's a
protocol error. Will investigate.

Dan> I have a question: Is it possible to resize the gdmlogin window?
Dan> I don't have that many users on my system, and if I could just
Dan> make it a little longer, they'd all fit into the box without the
Dan> need to use the scrollbar.  If not, would it be possible to add
Dan> that as options in gdm.conf?  I envision being able to set the
Dan> size in pixels, and if the entries aren't there or are 0, then do
Dan> whatever's being done now (percentage of screen???).

Making gdmlogin honor geometry arguments is already on my todo list.

Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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