Re: Enlightenment "Clean" theme--better speed/stability?

* Elliot Lee ( wrote:
> On 9 Nov 1999 22:56:01 -0500, Karen M. Heiby <> wrote:
> >I noticed that Gnome's speed and stability just about tripled when I
> >started using the "Clean" theme.

E uses lots of images and windwows for its complex themes. A
complicated border may consist of up to 16-20 separate windows, and
the menu system uses a window per entry. This is the cost associated
with its power and flexibility ;-)

If your X server/graphics card/memory can't handle this, use a less
complex theme. Clean fits that description, but there are others ;-)

Also, upgrade to 0.16.2, its cooler :)

It has long been acknowledged that pixmap gtk themes have a
performance cost over non-pixmapped ones. A similar thing applies to
enlightenment. Many people run e on extremely haggard machines, you
just need to select an appropriate theme, and fine-tune your settings ;-)
> You might want to switch to another window manager altogether and see how
> much of an improvement that brings... :-)

The wm-warmonger strikes again!

Anyone else getting rather bored of these constant negative niggles?

Find a new soapbox Elliot!

Be pro-choice, not anti! We should all be on the same side here, if
you want to harp on about something, find something really bad to
focus on. You're making yourself look silly. The last thing open source
developers should do is bitch at each other or each other's work, there's
plenty of lamers out there waiting to give us grief, we needn't do it to
each other!


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