Re: File manager tree. [FEATURE REQUEST]

+++ Mon, May 31, 1999 at 02:13:48PM +0200 +++
Kenneth Christiqua e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
> Hi Miguel, here's some suggestions I thought about
>     (*)    Fix the 'snap to grid' feature
>             This is a very nice feature, but it doesn't work very well
>             It need to work as well as kfm

AOL, this could work better.
>             Then you should also be able to add devices by right
>             clicking on the desktop. A nice guide for adding
>             devices could be nice (maybe using libglade). It will
>             then ask you wether you want to add a floppy, a printer, a
>             network device, etc. and if you are root it will also edit
>             fstab.

Hm, IMHO it would be better to Keep This Simple, Stupid.
>     (*)    Create, when starting gmc for the first time
>             a folder on the desktop, with the different devices + the
>             'add device' guide (.desktop file)
>             a folder called 'favorite apps' with .desktop files fot the five
>             most popular linux apps
>             a folder called 'linux support' with URLs to slashdot, lwn,
>             freshmeat, gnome, the gnome mailinglists, and a
>             'report gnome bugs' guide app (using libglade)

Gnome does not only run on Linux, URLs may change. I vote against
throwing in Linux-specific URLs here, but a graphical bug reporter
(already exists as a quick hack) would be nice.

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