Re: File manager tree. writes:

| Sometimes you NEED to be root to do some things. Rather than tell people
| to never use root and bug them with anoying messages, tell them that "it
| is unsafe to play with root unless they know what they are doing." Since I
| know, for the most part, what I am doing as root, I would verry mutch like

Yes, but most Linux-newbies will use it as if it was Window95 and
never create an account for themselves. Unless they read the docs.

The solution is simple. As one said earlier.

Have a small checkbutton with a label like this:

[ ] I know what I am doing, so please don't show this warning next time.

in the warning dialog. The effect is that next time the dialog isn't

| to turn that anoying message off.

This said I find it odd that somebody would need to run gmc as root,
but then again I think rain is wet. :-)

And there is _no_ reason for shouting.

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