Re: The State Of The Art

There's always the possibility of writing the server itself to serve in
a 3D rather than a 2D arena. X3D rather than X11. I think a lot of
inspiration can be had from examining 3D games and the Mesa3D libs.
Ditch the mouse and use the joystick for your input device - reach out,
turn around, or even move through your environment. But then - that
would be a MAJOR project - a server would have to be written, then a 3D
windowmanager, and then the sky's the limit. Just a step toward virtual
reality computing, but with your monitor instead of a pair of goggles...


> no need to forgive, but yes I think you are missing something.  and I
> think the biggest point I want to make right now is that the impression
> that'
> s beginning to form is that it WON'T be that hard.  it just isn't
> standard.
> the cylinder is almost DONE.  the sphere would be a little harder.  we
> just need to take the next step and make a window manager that uses this
> as its standard instead of having someone go " know what I
> think would be cool?" and spending two weeks trying to tweak it.
> the only thing you're "missing" though is that a scalable sphere is
> nowhere near as simple as stringing a bunch of desktops together.
> that's going to take some thought and time.
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