Re: The State Of The Art

As long as we are thinking about strange new interfaces, has anyone really
looked at Quake2/3? They are verry close to being a 3d operating system.
Just something to think about. :)

On Mon, 24 May 1999, Adam Moyes wrote:

> Dr Geek wrote:
> > 
> > Gnome and KDE are rebuilding the GUI environment for Linux.  Why then are we
> > following Windows/Mac/whatver in using the same old flat desktop metaphor?
> > Yes, we have multiple desktops (so does Windows, so does the Mac), but how
> > about this:
> >
> > (snip)
> >
> I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments, and I think that it would be
> good to get around the 15 year old or so flat screen aproach. Thanks for
> bringing it up.
> But I have to say that I am keen to take it further. One of the nice things
> about KDE is the view of the desktop being the network, the idea of an
> application is hidden from internet/network/local navigation. Although simple
> (multiprocess/thread kfm) it makes the desktop so much easier to use. I
> would like to get away from the idea of monolithic apps (like netscape) that
> manage a subset of your data requirements, I'm sure this is being addressed
> with alternative browsers etc, and the mimetype configuration for GNOME.
> But the problem is finding these links. A hirearchical approach is not always
> appropriate (what should be a parent of what is not always immediately obvious),
> and there is only limited space on the desktop (and its flat).
> I havn't quite figured it out, but how about something less linear, a more
> abstract representation of information _integrated_ into the desktop? So
> rather than bits being placed _on_ your desktop, you could have something
> context based on the mouse pointer, or maybee that _is_ your desktop/background
> perhaps 3d oriented with left/right mouse button zoom/unzoom.
> Maybee I'll only be satisfied with a virtual reality imersion interface, being
> able to reach into and manipulate things, but why restrict ourselves to
> 2 hands/arms? Just wire directly into the brain and project the sense of
> touching everywhere simultaneously ...
> Ok, stop there. Anyone got any ideas on how to manage information links
> more abstractly?
> Adam.
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