Re: The State Of The Art

Momchil Velikov <> responded (slightly sarcastically):
>So, what's the great idea. Having twisted, bended, curved, etc. windows at 
>screen ?
Nope.  The screen looks flat.  It's just a way of extending your desktop (as 
a virtual desktop does) but so that it's huge, but you can't easily get lost 
on it (partly because you can remember where things are spatially, partly 
because the little "overview" window shows you where you are).

>Ha, "... so that the window selected is always nicely centered ...", 
>I DO NOT my damned windows "nicely centered", I want them where
>I put them.
That's the idea.  All "nicely centered" means is that when you alt-tab to 
any window, that viewing area could shift so that window appears in the 
centre of the monitor.  You need to stop thinking of the physical bounds of 
the monitor as the bounds of the desktop; you could tile up twenty xterms so 
that each is a usable size; they'd extend beyond the bounds of the monitor, 
but as you alt-tab between them the virtual desktop scrolls so that the 
selected one is fully visible.  The damned windows don't move in relation to 
each other unless *you* move them :-)

>PS. Who the hell you work for ?
Can't say :-)

Dr Geek

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