Re: New user ...opinion.

Another *very new user* here. I agree, the Linux world is almost like a
religious thing. Not the first time for me, I was an active member of the
Team-OS/2 until IBM finally strangled off it's own child.

Just as a suggestion, since "ease-of-use" is a big factor in user acceptance
of new environments and Linux/Gnome is anything but an easy thing to set up
and configure for the average "newbie", with all the compiles / configures /
makes and "make installs" what about developing some easier method to
install the thing.

Something like a menu driven Install routine that installs the necessary
modules in the proper order, compiles, makes and configures. Without some
ease of use for the average new user, Windoze is bound to stay on top (who
would like to see that?)

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> I am a *very* new user to Linux, using RH 6.0.
> I was using KDE initially, because it was the most intuitive for me to
> use. I'm an ex Windows user ;0). I use Gnome now, on principle, however
> I hope the two manage a meld in the near future.
> Recently I was at a BBC site and heard a recording of Miguel, and liked
> what I heard. I am now doing personal research, to understand what the
> Free Software Foundation and GPL is all about. I am very enthusiastic
> about what I'm finding out. This is great!
> I'm not a programmer, or even an overly savvy computer type person, but
> this is (Linux) the closest I've come to having a religious experience.
> <gg>. I've ordered a "How to Program in Linux" (I think that's the
> title!) and am looking forward to this journey ...
> Hehe ... this is my way of saying "hello", I guess :0)
> Cheers
> Krisno
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