Re: gnome-app bug

On Sun, May 16, 1999 at 12:07:13PM -0400, Federico Mena Quintero was heard to say:
> >    I'm converting a program (an AIM client) to use the Gnome libraries.  In
> >  the process, I believe that I have discovered a bug in gnome-app.  I am
> >  creating a main window (using gnome_app_new() ) and inserting a status bar,
> >  a content area, and a menu bar.  But when the window is displayed, the content
> >  area isn't properly packed with respect to the menu bar until I manually
> >  resize the window--instead, both the content area and the menu bar are put
> >  at the origin of the window, with the menu bar displayed "in front of" the
> >  content area.  Is there any way to kludge around this until the libgnomeui
> >  maintainers fix it?  (or is this correct behavior..)
> Can you post the code for a really small program that duplicates this
> behavior?
>   Federico

  I can't duplicate it in a small program :-(

  I'm beginning to suspect funkiness in my code, although I've sanitized a lot
of stuff (I'm converting a non-Gnome program--and in fact keeping the ability to
compile without Gnome--so the code is a little messy and not structured
optimally for Gnome).  One more weird thing has materialized: occasionally if
I tear the menubar off before doing anything else, a gray rectangle the size of
the client area tears off with it.  I've got three screenshots attached here
(really small)--the first is of the window as it first appears--if you look
closely you can see text sticking down under the menu, the second is after I
resized it slightly (actually I think maybe I just detached and reattached
the menu bar), and the third attempts to demonstrate the "client area tearoff"
oddness that I just turned up.  I don't have time to work on trying to
duplicate this or solve it right now [last day of finals] so unless you have a
suggestion offhand I'll shelve it for a few days.


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