Gnome logout and gmc shortcuts

[The first two questions were not answered in some previous replies, so I
would like to solicit responses one more time.]

There are two things that I seem to be having problems with.  I am using
RH6.0 (gnome-core-1.0.4 and Enlighten 0.15.5).

1) Gnome not logging out.

When I go to the panel footprint and click on Log out, nothing happens.  I
would expect the window manager to exit and for X to quit, but nothing
happens.  What am I doing wrong??

2) gmc Midnight Commander desktop shortcuts (sometimes) not sticky.

I have the "Home Directory" link on my desktop but it does not stick when
I move to another virtual window.  Can I make it sticky?
(Actually I went in and create another link and it was sticky).  

3) Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut to pop up a terminal in
whatever directory that GMC is in?



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