Re: gnome-app bug

>    I'm converting a program (an AIM client) to use the Gnome libraries.  In
>  the process, I believe that I have discovered a bug in gnome-app.  I am
>  creating a main window (using gnome_app_new() ) and inserting a status bar,
>  a content area, and a menu bar.  But when the window is displayed, the content
>  area isn't properly packed with respect to the menu bar until I manually
>  resize the window--instead, both the content area and the menu bar are put
>  at the origin of the window, with the menu bar displayed "in front of" the
>  content area.  Is there any way to kludge around this until the libgnomeui
>  maintainers fix it?  (or is this correct behavior..)

Can you post the code for a really small program that duplicates this


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