Problem with Gnome

Hi all,

I'm new to Linux and since yesterday new to Gnome, so forgive me for my
stupid questions.

I followed the installation instructions at the gnome web-page. And
installing everything went very well, but....

When I logout (through the panel), mostly of the time, Gnome doesn't
logout's it just freezes. Clicking on the background still gives me menus,
but the gnome panel is freezed. Mostly of the time I've reset the PC
because everything is locked. I also see that I get several core-dumps!
Mostly in the directory of .desktop-gnome and sometimes in the home directory.

Has somebody already seen this? Has somebody a solution to this problem?

This PC is also a 133Mhz. With only 64MbRam. So it's kinda slow. Is there a
way to show a clock or something to let the user know the program is still
I can see a clock when you change the themes of enlightenment. But not when
starting Gnome. And it takes some while...

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Tom.

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