Re: Problem with Gnome

Tom Deprez schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Linux and since yesterday new to Gnome, so forgive me for my
> stupid questions.
> I followed the installation instructions at the gnome web-page. And
> installing everything went very well, but....
> When I logout (through the panel), mostly of the time, Gnome doesn't
> logout's it just freezes. Clicking on the background still gives me menus,
> but the gnome panel is freezed. Mostly of the time I've reset the PC
> because everything is locked. I also see that I get several core-dumps!
> Mostly in the directory of .desktop-gnome and sometimes in the home directory.


I am no Linux newbie but someone who has problems with gnome too. BUT I
only have problems since version 1.0.x.

I tried several WMs, enlightenment, icewm, Window Maker, and I am not
able, see my postings in this list, to end X clean. Since version 1.0.x
I have a lot of problems depending on WMs and gnome.

Every gnome-component configures fine and make runs without errors, so I
donīt know what I have to do more to clear these problems.

Yesterday I removed gnome because I have more problems having it than I
had before without gnome.


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