Re: Another ickiness

This has something to do with the way XFree86 3.3.3 handles XKB keyboard
settings. As I recall you need to put an XKBDisable command in your
'Keyboard' section of your XF86Config file. There was also something todo
with a .Xmodmap file but I cannot remember anything else, sorry :) but this
should give you a starting point.

HTH, Gary.

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Subject: Another ickiness

> I am not sure if this is gnome or even enlightenment related but in apps
> like netscape and gqmpeg, backspace does delete and delete does
> I thought I saw a "swap delete and backspace" option somewhere either in
> e-conf or in control-center but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there
> maybe some option in X or something? up until earlier today, it all worked
> fine but I also upgraded my XFree86 and Mach64 Server to 3.3.3 from
> Redhat's updates.
> Thanks,
> Neb
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