Re: libpng, mlib and Enlightenment ..<SOS>:-).

I assume you are talking about imlib when you say mlib :)

Try deleting the file config.cache that was created the first time you ran
configure for that library, then rerun configure.  If that does not fix
your problem, post the exact error message given (that often helps), and
the relevant section of config.log.



On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Peetam wrote:

> OK... I have given up trying to solve this on my own ... that after
> realizing I will be bald shortly due to tearing out my hair in frustration.
> That is if I don't get help.
> This is the problem, I had this fantasy of installing Enlightenment on my
> system but could not because I was missing the mlib libraries. So I tracked
> those down and found I needed the png libraries or ones that were more up
> to date.
> I hunted those down and installed them without a problem. Now is where it
> gets interesting, I have the newest available version of the PNG libraries
> v1.0.3
> (let me know if I am wrong on this part.) and when I try to configure the
> mlib libraries  it complains that they are too old.
> What do I do with this purely rational machine? where am I wrong?
> in other words Help!!
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