Re: [OT, COMPLAINT] There's never enough time! Plea for help/suggestions

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Willy Lee wrote:

> I work full-time and have a 1 yr old child. Now, I know there are
> other people on this list with kids, I saw a post that someone had
> just become a father, and Linus has two kids of his own, gosh darn it,
> a job, AND the Linux kernel, so how is it that Linus can release a new
> kernel and you all can keep up with all the new releases of Gnome,
> while I can barely manage to find time to skim the traffic on this
> list? I have the Gnome panel from 0.99.0 running and nothing else
> Gnome. 

I don't have any kids, but I still don't have time to read everything
in the mailing list.  I reiterate my long-standing suggestion that we
create a gnome-newbies and/or a gnome-debug mailing list to segregate
this traffic.  It has become simply unmanageable for me.

That said, I suggest, Willy, that you pick a specific area of interest
to you and concentrate on that.  For me it's the FAQ, which is a bad area
from the time-management perspective, as I'm expected to know everything,
and thus I feel really bad not reading every message.  If you were to
pick a single project to program on or, if you're not a programmer,
to help debug, document, package, etc., then you can get work done in
the hours here and there that you can find to work on it.

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