Re: [OT, COMPLAINT] There's never enough time! Plea for help/suggestions

>>>>> "W" == Willy Lee <> writes:

W> while I can barely manage to find time to skim
W> the traffic on this list? I have the Gnome panel from 0.99.0
W> running and nothing else Gnome.

The key is to make the computer do as much work as possible for you.
For example, there have been a number of scripts here that you can run
from cron to update gnome from CVS and compile automatically.  Stick
that to run every night, and you can keep up to date.

Also, get a better mailreader, if possible.  It doesn't appear that
you're using Gnus, which is one of the best for handling large amounts
of mail.  In any case, try to find a mailreader which can

* Separate your mail into the variuous mailing lists

* Thread messages 

* Allow scoring on thread so you only read ones you're interested in.

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