Re: gnome-libs install dumps core

On Tue, Jan 26, 1999 at 09:25:22AM -0500, Steve Blackwell wrote:

>  I have the same problem. Can someone tell me where I can find the
>  tarball for the latest libdb. I found a Berkley libdb but it doesn't 
>  make a shared library and it installs into /usr/local/Berkley which 
>  I doubt GNOME knows about. Is this the correct source and I just 
> need  to modify the Makefile to create a shared library and install 
> in /usr/local/lib? Also I used the --enable-compat185 flag to 
> configure. I can't remember where I read that I should use that. 
> Could someone confirm that.

  '', I believe the latest is 2.6.4. You can install
it where ever you want, or use the default and make links to it. There
are some instructions in the source for making a shared library if you
wish although the static library is fine by itself and will be used if
it doesn't find a shared library while linking. The '--enable-compat185'
is to allow programs using the old routines to work by including the
old API in the lib, generally you'll want to do this.

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