Latin2 fonts problem

I have the following problem: I come from the country using Latin2 character
set (Poland) and I constantly find it difficult to select correct fonts for
X, as most of the time it is preconfigured to use Latin1 (*-iso8859-1)
fonts. The same in GNOME, only here I had to create my own gtk theme
containing only the font definition for my language (although some widget
still use Latin1 fonts because I don't know the name of the widget). The
problem is, when I switch the theme (say, to Metal or whatever), I lose my
font encoding. I think I would have to create my own theme derived from
Metal with Latin2 fonts inside, which a bit of a pain, at least until
someone comes up with a nice theme editor. Wouldn't it be nice if such
things were inside the gtkrc file ? That way, if an user switches his LANG
to something else than default, the theme would modify itself accordingly. 

J. Marcin Gorycki 

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