Swedish Gnomesite new layout up and running !

Hi all !

I have now put out the new layout on http://wlug.westbo.se/gnome and i
have also started to write som more texts about Gnome (in swedish).  
Swedish Gnomers how are up to translate stuff, please contact me so i
can publish it. 
It would be nice to have at least the FAQ and User-Guide
translated.(These would be nice to have in the gnome 1.0 release to(as
an option maybe ?)) mail me at gnome@wlug.westbo.se

I my self will try to start write some installation guides, get gnome
out of CVS etc.(I will try to start translate present docs, no need for
writing the same stuff twice ...).

But,  i' ve got a girlfriend, work and a user group to run .... 
So sadly i' ve dosent have much spare time.

Well, what are you looking at, GNOME on :)



BTW - are the gnome rpms in rawhide updated every friday, or are they
transferred to rawhide every time someone builds rpm and put it on
ftp.gnome.org ?  

Daniel Persson

http://www.abonet.se Abonet Data AB
http://wlug.westbo.se Westbo Linux User Group

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