Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow wrote:
> There's no reason why GNOME shouldn't be able to run on the 486 machines
> of which Miguel spoke. I think expecting them to run the pixmap theme may
> be pushing it though. And expecting them to run a beefed up E theme is
> just nuts. But GNOME by itself, without all the chrome, should be able to
> run on a 486 with 16-24 megs I think. I need to get a new power supply for
> my 486, but when I do I'll be glad to test it. (66mhz with 16 megs).

unfair, just a little unfair ...

ok, this thread doesn't need another opinion, but nobody touched
this issue.

Miguel and his crew are /struggling/ their heads to make Gnome 
ligthweigth, very ligthweigth, ligthweigth as possible, they 
even wrote an entire ORB because of this goal.

And then come up raster (with a good piece of work, nobody
can't deny this) and say: 'hey, all you losers, want to use
Gnome ?, buy a new computer !'

it _seems_ a little unfair ...

but I'm sure that Miguel and raster will find a good solution.


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