[BUG] GnomePager applet


I have noticed a small, but annoying problem with the GnomePager
applet when used under IceWM 0.9.30.

When I open several windows, and then move one of the windows to
a different desktop by using the menu on the window's titlebar,
GnomePager keeps the entry for the window on its list of tasks instead
of removing it.

When this happens GnomePager will also grow beyond its specified
maximum width. This messes up my panel arrangement.

Changing desktops will remove the extra entry from the task list.

It is also difficult to tell the right hand limit of GnomePager, would
it be possible to insert some clue as to its extent?

Damien Miller

| "Bombay is 250ms from New York in the new world order" - Alan Cox
| Damien Miller - http://www.ilogic.com.au/~dmiller
| Email: dmiller@ilogic.com.au (home) -or- damien@ibs.com.au (work)

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