Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

That is not the point raster was making.  The point is that imlib has its
own configuration file (~/.imrc), and gnome was overriding options from
the user's configuration file.  Maybe a better solution would have been
for gnome_init to check for the presence of ~/.imrc, and if it doesn't
exist create one with the settings Miguel thinks are best.  Also, the
capplet that was controlling the cache setting should have been changing
the setting in ~/.imrc rather than ~/.gnome/Gnome.  (If you have ever used
microsoft office, think about how annoying it is when the paperclip gets
turned on again everytime you install a new component -- ignoring the
user's settings).

Personally I think if you are setting up 1,000,000 computers with gnome on
it, you would need to alter some configuration files from the default
anyway.  Changing the system wide imrc file should not be much of a

James Henstridge.


On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Sergio Kessler wrote:

> wrote:
> > 
> > There's no reason why GNOME shouldn't be able to run on the 486 machines
> > of which Miguel spoke. I think expecting them to run the pixmap theme may
> > be pushing it though. And expecting them to run a beefed up E theme is
> > just nuts. But GNOME by itself, without all the chrome, should be able to
> > run on a 486 with 16-24 megs I think. I need to get a new power supply for
> > my 486, but when I do I'll be glad to test it. (66mhz with 16 megs).
> unfair, just a little unfair ...
> ok, this thread doesn't need another opinion, but nobody touched
> this issue.
> Miguel and his crew are /struggling/ their heads to make Gnome 
> ligthweigth, very ligthweigth, ligthweigth as possible, they 
> even wrote an entire ORB because of this goal.
> And then come up raster (with a good piece of work, nobody
> can't deny this) and say: 'hey, all you losers, want to use
> Gnome ?, buy a new computer !'
> it _seems_ a little unfair ...
> but I'm sure that Miguel and raster will find a good solution.
> Sergio
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