Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow said:
> And then come up raster (with a good piece of work, nobody can't deny
> this) and say: 'hey, all you losers, want to use Gnome ?, buy a new
> computer !' 

I think Raster was saying if you want everything in all its gory details,
you need to get a new machine.

This shouldn't surprise anyone who has been familiar with the gaming
industry since Strike Commander.  Everyone had 386's for the most part,
and here came this graphically intensive game which required a 486. Did
people ever howl murder - and proceed to upgrade and play the game :)

Fortunately game writers understand that not everyone is ready to upgrade,
so you can turn off the cooler visual features in order to still enjoy
the game.  Enlightenment will allow you to tweak it so it runs in comparable
RAM to fvwm 1.24. GTK+ themes will be this way too - if the pixmaps theme is
too much for your hardware, you can run some very nice themes which use
colors instead of images. said:
> it _seems_ a little unfair ... 

Of course its unfair :)  We can only give away free software, we haven't
figured out how to give away hardware. Wouldn't that be nice.

I applaud any efforts to make GNOME run on lean hardware, as long as the
engineering effort doesn't detract from features we need to be competitive
with the Windows environment.  I feel that has to be a top priority.  The
number of Pentium 100's on someones desk instead of a dusty closet is shrinking
everyday, while the number of potential Windows converts is growing. 

Dr Mike

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