orbit problems :((

maybe somebody could help me out with this ugly problem I'm having with
orbit, well at least I believe its a problem. Whenever I load any gnome
apps, panel, balsa, gnome-session, etc, they all die with this error

# [root@mozart /]# panel
# Unable to connect to server port 35091
# This generally means that the program could not talk to the esound server
# iiop_connection_init: used 0, now 169688
# Sockstuff: used 0, now 169688
# Hostname: used 2144, now 171832
# ** ERROR **: Unknown error on directory creation of
# /tmp/orbit-řA@E@`/.orbitrc (No such file or directory)
# aborting...
# Aborted (core dumped)
# [root@mozart /]# 
in this case, i didn't have esd running, regardless if it is, that same
stuff underneath occurs :(( I have the latest orbit checkedout fresh from
the cvs server just 5 hours ago, also the latest automake,autoconf,
libtool versions as well, also compiled the latest glib, gtk+, imlib etc
etc etc, all from cvs just within the last 8 hours.
I looked in /tmp and didn't find any *orbit* files at all, so i removed
any dot files referring to gnome in my home dir, and still the problem
exists. Anybody know what might be happening here ?

E-Mail: mozart@windsor.igs.net
Date: 23-Jan-99
Time: 15:59:29

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