Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

> ->  I just tried it as well. It does speed up the computer significantly. :)
> ->  If the cache is so much faster, shouldn't it default to cache instead of
> ->  defaulting to no cache?
> talk to miguel - he believes the cache is useless. I disagree - it is
> why I implimented a cache. I have VERY good reasons for doing stuff
> often - most of the time no-one realises until somehting else goes
> wrong :(.

The fix is simple:

    in the gtk pixmap theme init code we need to do:

    gdk_imlib_get_cache_info (&old_pixmaps, &old_images);
    gdk_imlib_set_cache_info (TRUE, TRUE);

And on theme shutdown we need to do:

    gdk_imlib_set_cache_info (old_pixmaps, old_images);

Mind if I apply this patch to gtk-engines?

The reason I dislike the Imlib cache for pixmaps is because for the
non-pixmap case we end up keeping 500k of data around that are
unreleasable.  10 GNOME programs running would ammount to 5 megs of
usually unused and unreleasable information.  30% of most workstation


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