Re: Recent libraries are huge: new libtool/automake at fault?

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:27:05 +0800 (WST), James Henstridge
<> wrote:

>If you want smaller libraries, set CFLAGS to something like -O2 (or -O6
>-march=whatever -mcpu=whatever for egcs) before running
>Stripping libraries will get you into all sorts of trouble (some of those
>symbols are used in the dynamic linking process).

Umm, no. 'strip' knows how to handle shared libraries correctly. (I'm told
that there used to be versions of strip that screwed shlibs up, but they
should be long gone.)

>Of course this reduces your ability to send in useful bug reports (back
>traces use these symbol tables and debugging information).


Also note that the extra space used is only on-disk. The debugging symbol
information, contrary to popular opinion, does not consume one single bit
more process 'SIZE'.
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