Re: imlib and png trouble

>From: Miguel de Icaza <>

>My personal impression is that this is what happens: Imlib fails to
>load the png module (due to some reason: bad libtool used when
>installing the library, or not finding the library) and then fallsback
>to using "convert".

Well, I *think* I can confirm this.  I just fetched and installed libtool 12.d, 
and then remade imlib1.9.1.  This then caused panel to crash out with a GDK 
error about a badly formatted XPM header, so after some messing about I rebuilt 
gnome-core0.99.3 as well (after trying GTK+-1.1.13 to no effect) and that fixed 
everything - I'm now back to a panel with transparent-ish PNG files =O)  I say 
"-ish" beacuse they all have some mid-blue lines around them, but that *may* be 
because I'm on 8bpp frame buffers.


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