Re: imlib and png trouble

>From: Miguel de Icaza <>

   >My personal impression is that this is what happens: Imlib fails to
   >load the png module (due to some reason: bad libtool used when
   >installing the library, or not finding the library) and then
   >to using "convert".

   Well, I *think* I can confirm this. I just fetched and installed
   libtool 12.d,
   everything - I'm now back to a panel with transparent-ish PNG files
   =O) I say
   "-ish" beacuse they all have some mid-blue lines around them, but that

Also have libtool 1.2d and gdk_imlib doesn't want to use the png
library.  Things have been slow and outlined in black lately.  If I
"hide" convert then none of the PNG images will load, so I assume that
convert is being called for every PNG.  Not sure where to go from here
to track it down...

Also wondering if everyone is experiencing this given all of the "pixmaps
are slow" discussion lately.

any suggestions?
 Matt Martin

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