Re: Drive-Mount bug continues, report if wanted.

On Sun, Jan 17, 1999 at 11:20:24AM +0100, Martin Baulig wrote:
> David Puryear <> writes:
> > For me, I get this error when trying to start drive-mount:
> It is working fine for me with - well, I'm using the automounter so all
> I get is an error message "only root can mount ..." if I click on it, but
> it starts ok.
> $ rpm -q ORBit
> ORBit-0.3.91-1
> $ rpm -q gnome-core
> gnome-core-
> If you have anything that looks like some sort of CORBA error, try using
> the latest released version of ORBit, not the current one from CVS.

Martin, it's me.  I don't do CVS, remember?  I'm curious as to which
applets you have up on your panel compared to the ones I've got up and
the ones David has up.  

Also, which window managers (icewm 0.9.29 in my case).  My ORBit is
0.3.91.  I have a suspicious looking libtool-1.2d tarball in my home
directory. My January 14 notes for what I did to my system say that I
built that and ran libtoolize --force on something.

Calling up panel after rebooting, I've got the foot, mini-commander, a
panel drawer with launchers for gimp, aisleriot, yahtzee, same-stones,
calendar, and whois, then modem lights, gmc file icon, gnome-terminal
launcher, info, cdrom player launcher (not the applet version),
gnome-menus, and netscape launcher.  I had a core for the mail/clock
applet.  And just reloaded that successfully and closed the panel.  And
just reopened the panel and got multiple instances of the
clock/mailcheck applet, of mini-commander and of modem lights. And of
the drawer.

Closed three panels and checked gtop to see what might still be hanging
on.  No zombies.

Something is a problem.

Rebecca Ore

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