gnumeric bugs

Some more:

When jumping to a cell (ctrl-i):

	current cell display in upper left is not updated after jump

	'help' and 'special...' buttons in jump dialog do nothing but
	close the dialog.

MS-Excel plugin is not installed by default (plugins list and 'locate
excel' reveal nothing at least)

When selecting three cells in a single column, the upper-left display
shows "3Lx1C".  I am guessing that means 3 lines by 1 column.  Shouldn't
the 'L' become an 'R' to be more consistent?

Dialogs with 'cancel' as default button:  Paste Special, Goto Cell, Cell

Dialogs with non-working 'help' button as default :)   Format Cells

Dialogs with no default button:  Plugins, Zoom, Insert Cells

<Enter> key after data input in entry above workbook does not put data
into cell.  Note this is _after_ clicking on the entry field.  Clicking
the "return" button works as expected.  Clicking on a cell then entering
data works as expected.

Bold and Italic toolbar buttons do not affect the data currently being
entered.  ie.  I click Bold, enter data into a cell, and it is not
bold.  Selecting the cell then clicking Bold works as expected.

hmmm.  Even more than my previous report... try creating some data at
AA4000, save it, exit, run gnumeric, re-load that file, jump to cell
AA4000, and use the scrollbars to scroll around.  It starts selecting
cells, scrolling strangely, and doing all other sorts of weird stuff.

All in all, though, I am _really_ impressed with gnumeric.  You guys
have done a nice job, and a lot of features are packed into a nice and
simple interface.


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