Re: Constant load?


Okay, finally got into the gnome FTP server to get libs and core 0.99.2
(the mirrors are being kinda slow to update), and now it logs out OK.

However, the CPU suck is still there- gnome-name-service, gnome-session,
gmc and every GNOME app (but not panel, gnome-smproxy or the capplets)
takes a full load point all the time.  So I'll have to lose GNOME until
this is fixed. :-(

Also, CPULoad is not the only troubled applet.  The clock and fish don't
update unless they are moused over.  So I don't think libgtop and gtop
0.99.2 will help. :-(

Until the next release,

-Adam `Cold Fusion' Powell, IV ____
USDoC, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)  |\ ||<  |
Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science  | \||_> |

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