Constant load?


I'm a relative newbie running RedHat 5.1/kernel 2.1.125 on an Alpha
164LX, and just built GNOME 0.99.1 from sources.  I start X with startx,
and my .xinitrc is essentially the single line:

     enlightenment & exec /usr/bin/gnome-session

I've found a few new problems since 0.30, one of which is a show-stopper
for me: gnome-session, gnome-name-service, gmc, and every new GNOME app
I start runs at a full load point constantly, completely bogging down my

There are other problems too: logout doesn't seem to work (terminates
gmc and programs run from the panel, but gnome-session and
gnome-name-service still run and a full load point and panel and smproxy
keep running); and the CPULoad applet runs way too fast until I change
the frequency, after which it only updates on mouseover events.

I love a lot of the new features, but the constant CPU load of GNOME
apps makes this desktop completely unusable for me.  Is this a known
problem?  (Didn't see it in the list archive.)  Could it be a 64-bit


-Adam `Cold Fusion' Powell, IV ____
USDoC, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)  |\ ||<  |
Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science  | \||_> |

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