Re: Constant load?

Alan Shutko wrote:

> >>>>> "A" == Adam C Powell, IV <> writes:
> A> I love a lot of the new features, but the constant CPU load of
> A> GNOME apps makes this desktop completely unusable for me.  Is this
> A> a known problem?
> For the apps I use (gnome-session, panel, a couple applets) I've
> noticed they're well-behaved when started, but will run wild and suck
> up CPU when the X server goes (ie, if they're not happily shut down).
> So when you start new ones, it may look like it's the new ones taking
> up the CPU, but it's really the old ones.  You might try killing all
> instances of suck programs and starting them afresh, to see if this is
> the problem.

Yeah, I noticed that too, and was able to kill old ones.  But this is
different.  After exiting X, I did ps auwx and kill -9 until old suck
programs died.  Then I removed .gnome* and .enlightement/u* and restarted.
And gnome-session, gnome-name-service, and gmc are still there, each at a
load point.  When I start any other GNOME app (gnomecc, gnome-help-browser,
cal, etc.- all that I've tried), there's another load point; quit it and
the load point goes away.

I don't think this is not the same problem as you are describing.  But


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