Re: Busy-cursor?


>>>>> On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 21:30:54 -0500 (EST)
>>>>> Chris Rogers <> said:

 Chris> I am not a huge fan of splash screens, they are rather
 Chris> annoying on a busy desktop.

Plus I am under the impression that these only add to the bulk of
things needing to get loaded/run. I want precious disk I/O spent on
loading the app, not it's splash screen.

 Chris> What about the idea of having the panel "button" have a
 Chris> "depressed" state that stays that way until the application
 Chris> loads.

I second this. Menus items should be either marked visually, or just
be disabled until the app in question maps its window. Wholesale
disabling the item is less confusing for the novice, but more
inconvenient if you actually want to start more than one instance of
the application - so this should probably be configurable.

Please no hourglass on panel/root windows! It is perfectly valid to
start another program from the panel while this one loads. A hourglass 
would offer the wrong clue.

Yes, busy-cursors for busy applications are a good thing. But when
another app loads, the panel is /not/ busy.


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