Re: What is a buggy system linker?


>>>>> On Tue, 5 Jan 1999 13:53:17 +1300
>>>>> Lyndon Drake <> said:

 Lyndon> Hi, I've just compiled gnome-libs 0.99.1, and I noticed that
 Lyndon> whenever a program binary (as opposed to a library) is
 Lyndon> created in the build, a message about a buggy system linker
 Lyndon> is printed, along with the statement that I will have to
 Lyndon> relink the program in question. What's up?

I think this section from the libtool manual applies:

   Some system linkers insist on encoding the full directory name of
each shared library in the resulting executable.  Libtool has to work
around this misfeature by special magic to ensure that only permanent
directory names are put into installed executables.

   The importance of this bug must not be overlooked: it won't cause
programs to crash in obvious ways.  It creates a security hole, and
possibly even worse, if you are modifying the library source code after
you have installed the package, you will change the behaviour of the
installed programs!


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