Re: Busy-cursor?

Chris Rogers wrote:

> What about the idea of having the panel "button" have a "depressed" state
> that stays that way until the application loads.  FVWM's old goodstuff bar
> did that, and WindowMaker does something similar.  Personally I find this
> very nice.  In addition though, I think gnome apps should be using
> hourglasses during long operations, especially if there is no progressbar.
> There is nothing more frustrating then trying to decide if the app is
> still working, crashed, or just not going to do something, I find that
> some sort of indicator is really helpfull.

Except that the button idea won't work well for menus.  

How about having a simple little status window, say in a corner of the
screen that will simply say

   Loading Netscape [  ] -X

Where there would be some simple animation between the [  ].

This window will show up in front of any other windows however it will
not grab the focus.  Clicking on the - will put it behind the current
window (if any) and clicking on the X will close it all together.  This
window will have its own thread so that it will respond to clicking on
its buttons no matter what the state of the application is.

Naturally the ascii charters [ ],-,X will be replaced by pixmaps.  But
you should get the general idea.

There will also be a global option to turn this little feature off all

Kevin Atkinson

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