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Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> > On  4 Jan, Michael Johnson scribbled:
> > ->  There is talk on the WM list that WindowMaker will move towards gnome
> > ->  full gnome compliance on the next release.
> > ->
> > ->  I don't know how much this relates to the sound element of the
> > ->  environment, but I know that WindowMaker uses WMSound and not esd, which
> > ->  is what gnome uses. Is this a problem? It seems to me that the sound
> > ->  management of the WindowManager should be harmonious with Gnome if you
> > ->  are running the two together; this is seemless when running Gnome with E.
> > ->  I suppose one could just not use WMSound with WindowMaker while running
> > ->  gnome... Will the esddsp feature work with WMSound, the same way it works
> > ->  with other apps? And if not what would be the chances of getting esd
> > ->  support in WindowMaker... or does this even matter ? <g>
> >
> > ask the WMsound author. If they don't want to use esd and its running
> > then either 1. users will have to manually run them unser esddsp and
> > hope it works, or 2. give up on sound as long as esd is running.
> FWIW, converting the average /dev/dsp using audio program to use
> esd natively takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour of coding.
> If you already have multiple OS sound support, the sound interface
> should be sufficiently abstracted to plug esd in as if it were
> another OS.  If you send me a url for the WM source, I'll be glad
> to take a crack at it, when I have some free time, and maybe even
> set it up as a full configure time option.

Window Maker -->

I have WMSound and WMSoundPrefs tar.gz's on my system, and can e-mail
them to you (but I don't know where the official site is).

    Jim Cape

    "All animals are equal, some animals
     are more equal than others."
         -- George Orwell, Animal Farm

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