Re: LibGTop 0.99.1 released

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Martin Quinson wrote:
> Le lun, 04 jan 1999, Martin Baulig a écrit :
> >Hello all,
> >
> >just released LibGTop 0.99.1 - tarballs and RPMS can be found here:
> --snip--
> I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, but what does this programm do??

It's not a program, it's a library.  It provides a cross-platform API to
access kernel and process statistics.  Different platforms (eg. Linux and
Solaris) have very very different ways of getting such information.
LibGTop ties them all together so you can write cross-platform system
programs (eg. GTop).  

Some GNOME programs, such as GTop and certain applets in gnome-core,
require this library be present.


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