Re: still failing w/ .99.7 libs

>From: Matthew Ross Davis <>

>Mark, have you gotten esound to work? I notice in its README that there isn't
>support for non-Linux systems, but I wonder if anyone has been successful.

Well, it compiles and runs fine.  It even plays some sound files.  But it 
doesn't play the 16-bit WAVs passed it by E and Gnome =O(

I believe the problem is due to libaudiofile, and recent versions having been 
broken over groking big-endian and little-endian differences in 16-bit samples.  
I grab a new libaudiofile every now and again, but using these newer ones I get 
crashes.  So I have to keep an older, pre-break one about to put back in after 
the test.

I sort-of/kinda get eMusic going to.  It likes to crash a lot on Solaris, 
though.  It works enough now that you can run it with that lovely "three 
circles" GQmpeg theme - just don't try to get it to *do* anything, it's purely 
decorative ;O)


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