RE: Recommended gnome startup

I had a problem where enlightenment crashed. GTK stuff doesnt seem to work
correctly without a WM. You cant type. When I quit X an came back in,
enlightenment was still gone. I finally had to run gnome-run, and browse for

Maby a control center capplet like the screensaver or background capplet
would be in order. That way, a user can choose which WM to run, and the
capplet running at startup can make sure that the WM comes up.

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> > A: If your using a X11R6 Session Management compliant WM, just run
> > gnome-session, pop up an xterm or gnome-terminal, run the wm, then 
> > exit gnome.  The next time you start, so will the WM. (This is how
> > I get E, for example, to start by default.
> > 
> > B: In the case of some WM that is not complaint (Window Maker), 
> > use the "session manager properties" to add the window manager
> > manually.
> > 
> > 	That is, of course, unless someone with more knowledge says
> > otherwise.. :)
> Yep, I guess that is it.  I have one little point though: Isn't this
> going to be too complex for the standard Gnome luser?  One thing that
> worries me is that exiting or killing most window managers is an easy
> thing to do (even by accident) and that may be very annoying for non
> experienced users.
> Think a bit about it.  You suddenly get all of your windows on the
> screen at the same time (even if they were iconized or in another
> desktop) and the borders are simply not there.  You no longer can
> raise windows by clicking on them, and the keyboard focus behaves very
> estrangely.  I'm sure many of us hackers and techno-geeks lurking
> around the Gnome lists can deal with such a situation properly, but a
> naive user will be really scared.
> I think the only way to avoid this problem would be to add special
> support for the window manager to gnome-session.  The idea would be to
> guarantee that a window manager will always be running, so that if the
> running one is killed or dies due to a bug a fresh one will be
> automatically started.  Also, a gui would have to be provided to ease
> the task of picking a new window manager and starting it in a session
> aware fashion.
> I'm willing to code the thing by myself, but I don't know
> gnome-session, or, in general, X11 session management good enough.
> So, I would really appreciate the help of more knowledgeable people
> regarding how to do this in a straightforward way.  
> Any opinions already?
> M. S.
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