Re: Talking to a wall? (tactless, yet rude:)

Jacob Berkman wrote:
> (Matthias Warkus) writes:
> > Recently I posted an idea regarding the panel: it would be nice if
> > panel launchers hadn't got that 1-pixel border around that prevents
> > them from being clicked if the mouse pointer is pinned against the
> > edge of the screen.
> Personally, I find that pixel useful for bringing up the right click
> menu.  So, which way is best is debatable.

As long as you have panel's `hide buttons' enabled that wouldn't be a
problem at all. Just click in the corner of screen, which is even faster
accessible place than a certain button on the edge, and then pop up the

The problem could occur when someone has `hide buttons' disabled. To
address it there could be some modifier, e.g. CTRL key, which with
button3 click in any place of panel would bring up the panel menu.


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