Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

On Sun, Aug 01, 1999 at 10:08:45PM -0500, James M. Cape wrote:
> To the best of my limited knowledge WRT the GTK+ WM, there was a bit of
> a snag which was hit with the GDK layer. I don't know all of the
> details, but having an integrated WM is definately a Good Thing.
> A second priority (IMHO) should be to try and help WM authors to code
> GTK+ themes to match their WMs. AFAIK, mandrake is working on a GTK+
> theme which uses CVS Enlightenment's current widget images, and GTKStep
> already exists. If this is done, people who like E's configurability or
> Blackbox's speed can choose to use those WM's without having to download
> a new GTK+ Theme for every window manager theme.

Woudln't this be a good time to introduce GNOME themes? Like KDE, they also
apply to the wm, but it doesn't make a sound if you're using another wm.

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