Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Serodio <> writes:

Daniel> I do think window manager independency is one of the most
Daniel> important resons for most of us hackers. I, for one, will
Daniel> scream if Gnome stops working perfectly (full-featured) with
Daniel> Enlightenment.

I believe Dr Mike's point is that we should provide a default window
manager for new users, but still work on the Gnome wm spec so that
hackers can choose the wm they like.  In particular he is saying that
the default wm should use the same theming system, so new users don't
have to configured that in more than one place.

His proposal strikes me as very sensible.

What's going on with gnome-wm?  Is it usable yet?


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