ESD can't bind to 5001 (was Re: to add to everyone's sound woes)

On Wed, Apr 07, 1999 at 03:45:18PM -0400, Edward Dunagin wrote:
> when i run, i get:
> [root@bbs local]# esd -as 2 &
> [1] 18603
> - autostandby timeout: 2 seconds
> initializing...
> Unable to bind port 5001
> [1]+  Exit 1                  esd -as 2
> whats up here?

Did you quit esd within the past two minutes? If so, this is normal.

When a server diconnects from a TCP port, there's normally a two-minute
delay before the kernel will let a new server have that port. This has to
do with very low-level TCP/IP rules.

So wait two minutes and try to run esd again. If it works then, your system
is normal. If it still doesn't work, you have a problem.


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