Re: ORBit and CVS

On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 11:44:42AM +0200, Johan Groth wrote:


> >   Guess my question is what is the proper way to get the latest ORBit, when
> > is the '-r FOR_PANEL' needed or not needed, etc.
> IMHO, always use -r FOR_PANEL. It's a label that moves to the version
> that works with the panel. So checkout with 'cvs -z3 co -r FOR_PANEL
> ORBit' and do updates to that tree with cvs upd -dP ORBit (-r FOR_PANEL
> is not needed when you update because the label is 'sticky'. Stored in
> CVS/Tag IIRC).

  Okay, thanks. I just tried a fresh checkout again (with -r FOR_PANEL)
and got 4.3 this time. I must have just jumped the gun after reading the
announcement when I tried updating and still got 4.2, the label must not
have been moved yet (or something).

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